Test and final inspection

[kopiert] Vorprüfung auf Platinenebene

170424_jf_0168__2000x1333_600x400.jpg Boundary Scan
170424_jf_0065_1__2000x1333_600x400.jpg HF-check
170424_jf_0157__2000x1333_600x400.jpg Automated production line
170424_jf_0182__2000x1333_600x400.jpg PCB test for reader over needle bed

Boundary scan

  • Fully automated in-circuit test through shielded needle-bed adapters
  • Programming of processors

Power pack, HF and digital checks

  • Automated contacting of circuit boards through needle beds
  • Waveguide measurements of antennas
  • High-frequency measurements in shielded measuring chamber

HF-measurements by network and spectrum analysers

  • Fully automated final inspection of all high-frequency parameters
  • Fully automated adjustment of pilot signal control