Our Energy Policy

KATHREIN Sachsen GmbH is certified according to ISO 50001.

As part of active energy management, we would like to make optimal use of energy and avoid wasting it.

Our energy policy is therefore based on the following principles:

We use energy efficiently, want to monitor the use of energy continuously, show it in a transparent fashion, communicate actively and undertake to continuously improve energy-related performance.

Motivating staff
We motivate all our staff to act in an environmentally responsible manner, both at work and outside.

Reducing carbon emissions to ease environmental burdens
By reducing CO2 emissions, we want to make an active contribution to climate protection.

Energy efficiency as factor of competitiveness
We optimize energy efficiency by continuous improvements, thus securing the competitiveness at the location.

Legal conformity
We undertake to fulfil all statutory provisions.

Reducing costs by energy efficiency
We want to use our activities in the field of energy efficiency as an element of marketing and to achieve potentials in cost saving.

Energy-efficient products
We make energy-efficient products and special emphasis is given to the aspect of energy efficiency when new products are developed.

Responsibility for sustainable management
It is our long-term aim to make our contribution to an efficient use of energy, and we support this policy within the framework of reliable energy supply.

Energy objectives
Strategic and operative energy objectives form the frame of the individual measures that are to improve energy efficiency.

Certificate ISO 50001